Cashmere & Co is a proudly South African spa and lifestyle product brand that will leave your skin as soft as cashmere. Cashmere & Co is a fusion of historic knowledge, quality African plant ingredients and modern sustainable practices coming together in a luxurious lifestyle collection suitable to use in your spa or at home. …Read More

The Inspiration

I love using my God-given talents to work and creatively express myself within the Spa Industry, and this has become my calling. Not only do I love working with my clients, I also enjoy creating and developing new and interesting products, fragrances and concepts. The Spa Industry has become a platform where I can live out my vision and dreams while helping others to do the same! I created Cashmere & Co out of a love for our local African plant ingredients. The result is a range of luxurious spa products with glorious fragrances that leave your skin as soft as cashmere. I know our range will bring you as much joy as it has to me…" ...Read More


Heir to the Kingdom

Owner of The Spa Warehouse

Leading Spa Consultant

Internationally Qualified Somatologist

Lover of European Architecture

World Traveller

Animal Lover

Hand & Foot

We have a wide range of products suitable for hands and feet

Body & Massage

A full range of professional body wraps and massage oils suitable to use in any spa

Spa @ Home

Our home range of products are perfectly designed to use at home to create a spa experience




We offer products to perform a wide range of treatments in your spa

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    Cashmere & Co

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