Meet the Founder

Jacoline WentzelGod has given me a talent to work and create within the Spa and Beauty Industry. I once read “when you develop a love for something in your heart, it must be your calling”. This statement resonates with me. My love and passion for the Spa Industry has indeed become my calling!

Not only do I love working with my clients, I also love the creative process of developing new and interesting products and fragrances for the industry to enjoy. In fact, the Spa Industry has become a platform where I can live out my vision and dreams while helping others to do the same.

As a respected industry representative and entrepreneur, I am able to use my experience to play a mentorship role, not only from a planning and design perspective, but in a relational capacity as well.

I am driven and passionate to see women fulfil their potential and be empowered to believe that they have value. I believe each woman should know that their unique gift and talent adds to society as a whole, whether in a professional, social or family context. I love to see clients, staff and therapists alike discover their purpose and grow with confidence.

My experience in the industry ranges from therapist, health and training to sales, recruitment and management. In 2005 it was however time to transition into the entrepreneurial world and The Spa Warehouse was born. Since then, I have continued to build and devote myself to distribution and design in the industry that I love!

Currently, I am sole owner of The Spa Warehouse (supplying various leading Spa brands, equipment and Spa furniture) and a Spa and product consultant - while continuing to research, design and develop new and unique products for spa and home use.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better!