Silk Touch Signature Massage Oil 500ml (anti-anxiety)



A luxurious massage oil with a soft gentle fragrance, ideal to calm down nerves and sooth the mind.

This oil uses a organic sweet almond oil base infused with a blend of various essential oils that will aid in calming of the body. Ideal to use when suffering from high stress levels and nervous anxiety. Perfect oil for woman who suffer from menopause, to sooth anxiety levels during this hormonal time. The soft rose like fragrance is ideal to use directly on to the skin too as a glorious fragrance.

Jacoline’s tip

This oil has such a beautiful 3 dimensional fragrance, that whenever I place it on my skin, I experience something different. Using a blend of fynbos essential oils, this oil was specifically designed for our female clientele, who prefer soft floral fragrances. Apply just a small amount of oil directly on the skin and rub in gently until fully absorbed. I love wearing it as a body fragrance. It truly makes me feel so feminine.