Body & Massage

We have put together an extensive range of body, bath and massage oil products for you to use at home.
Cashmere Body products: Our Cashmere signature fragrance infuse our luxurious body exfoliating polish, body balm, bath soak and body wash.

Body Oil: We have an extensive range of body oils that you can apply directly to your skin, into your bath water or use to massage the skin with to get the desired effect. The range consists of three signature oils Cashmere (relaxation) Velvet (detoxifying) Silk Touch (calming and balancing) as well as a Relaxing, Sport & Muscle, Revitalizing and Cellu–detox. All these oils are pre-blended with cold pressed sweet almond oil base and pure essential oils

Massage Oil: Our professional range of massage oils is also available for you to purchase on line and use at home, when massage each other. Please use at own risk. 

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